You feel pretty content in your marriage. Your partner is reliable and caring. However, when it comes to sex, you feel all dried up. You feel sex is like a chore and you rather get some extra sleep.  You heard that it’s normal to feel lack of desire for your partner when you have been together for a long time. But you miss the fun and the exciting time you guys use to have together in bed.  Here are some ideas to help put the sizzle back in your relationship:

  1. Appreciate your body: enjoy how your body feels and how it responds to different positive stimuli
  2. Be a little mysterious with your partner and nurture some mystery within your partner. Don’t be an open book. Fantasize what your partner’s inner world might be like.  Keep it a fantasy.
  3. Talk sexy with your partner.
  4. Slow down and notice your partner and let him/her notice you noticing him (her).
  5. Notice if something or someone else turns you on. Remember that feeling and see how you can bring that feeling in your relationship.

If you find the suggestions above really difficult, give me a call at 650-397-1376 for a free initial 20-min phone conversation and I will help you figure something that’s better fitted for you.  It might be a different suggestion that you find more achievable or you might find you could benefit from having individual therapy or couple therapy to work through blocks that’s in your way.


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