Marriage Counseling

Do You Feel as if Your Relationship is Slipping Away?

Do you often feel lonely in your marriage? Are you frustrated with your partner and feeling hopeless whether your marriage can be joyful again?  Are you stuck in a sexless marriage?  Whether your relationship is in distress because of little everyday tensions adding up or in crisis due to major issues such as infidelity, marriage counseling can help you find your way forward.  Marriage counseling can help you and your partner resolve past injuries, understand each other better, have more effective communications, and it can help you learn to provide the right kind of support and love toward each other so you can have the kind of marriage you desire.

Develop and Implement Solutions that are Effective

When you work with me in marriage counseling, I will help you find out what you’re doing that’s getting in the way of having the relationship you want. I will help you develop and implement solutions that are effective in improving your relationship.  I will help you and your partner have a deeper dialogue so past wounds can heal and you can trust and feel close again. You will find my style to be very concrete and transparent.  After getting to know you and your partner better and what you want out of marriage counseling, I will share with you what you can work on and help you work on it in session.  Marriage counseling with me is a collaborative process and you are an empowered member in making your relationship better for you and and your partner.

Achieve a Deeper Love and Closeness

My work is rooted in understanding of neuroscience and attachment theory. My office is located in Los Gatos, In marriage counseling with me, you will learn about yourself and your partner and how that understanding can help you be a better partner and have more rewarding interactions.  I am trained in the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT Level 1) and the Developmental Model of Couples Institute. I also provide Chinese marriage counseling and support dual-language couples with language gaps by conducting counseling session in both English and Chinese (Mandarin) as needed. I have worked with many couples providing marriage counseling in the Los Gatos, Campbell area and love working with couples to helping them find deeper love and closeness with each other.

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