Now that you have meditated for 2 weeks or more, and may or may not have a little taste of the “flow”, I want to share with you some tips on bringing on the flow and accessing the flow on regular basis.

If you haven’t yet experienced a flow state, don’t give up. You probably have noticed that there are some benefits already – maybe less anxiety, more creativity, better focus, and generally less reactivity to common triggering situations (traffic, annoyance, lines in the store, screaming kids). Here are some ideas on how you can get more benefits out of your meditation practice:

  1. Join a meditation group – I can’t emphasize enough how a group meditation will increase your ability to get in the flow. It’s important you find a good group of people you are comfortable with and have some shared goals.
  2. Set an intention for your practice at the beginning of your meditation.
  3. Visualize how you want your day to go during part of your meditation practice.
  4. Get in touch of your feelings of love and compassion before and during your practice.

If you are experiencing flow here and there in your meditation practice, here are some ideas on how you can access it more easily:

  1. Link the feeling of flow with a physical sensation, thought, idea, or picture and use it as a cue to help you recall the flow.
  2. After a good meditation practice where you feel the flow, throughout that day check in with the flow and experience it for good 30 seconds or more. Do that at least 3-4 times that time. Let your neuro-network get stronger in feeling the flow.
  3. When you’re stuck or need some guidance, check in with your flow.
  4. See if you can actively come into flow as you go through your day while you’re interacting with other people.

Did you try it? Let me know about your experience. I would love to hear from you. Please email me at

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