Thrive at Work

If you answer yes to any of these questions, therapy can help you overcome your challenges and thrive at work.

  • Do you have anxiety about your job performance or worries that your colleagues and management might not value you?
  • Have you moved to a new company or a new position, but feel that you are not being taken seriously?
  • Have you had a major professional setback from which you are having a hard time bouncing back?

You might know what’s getting in your way, but don’t know the right tools to move past your blocks, or you are not sure you are capable of making the needed changes. I can help you explore the mental and behavior modifications , so you can be more successful, thrive at your career, and be valued at your job. Together, we will work to increase your interpersonal effectiveness, improve your self confidence, and alter your mental mindset to make the changes for a more fulfilling career.

I combine the powerful technique of EMDR with effective interpersonal and cognitive behavioral to help you get to where you decide to go.

I was there too…

I am a veteran of a Fortune 500 company and have made significant transitions in my life. I assist my clients to find their inner strength and gain resilience, so they can thrive in a life they actively choose to author.

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