Thrive at Work

If you answer yes to any of these questions, therapy can help you overcome your challenges and thrive at work.

  • Do you feel like you are not being valued by your managements and your contributions and ideas are not taken seriously? 
  • Are you burnt-out at work and have Monday morning blues everyday?
  • Do you worry about your job performance and not finding the skills or motivations to change it?

You might know what’s getting in your way, but don’t know the right tools to move past your blocks, or you are not sure you are capable of making the needed changes. I can help you develop more fine-tuned social emotional skills needed to be more effective with people, I can help you clarify your values and skills to craft a career that’s more satisfying, and I can help you implement effective coping strategies for stressful job, so you can thrive at your career, enjoy your life, and feel valued. 

I was there too…

I am a veteran of a Fortune 500 company and have made significant transitions in my life. I assist my clients to develop a career based their authentic values and interests, so they can thrive in a life they actively choose to author.

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