About Wendy

If you are feeling a jumbo mess of emotions and feeling triggered and reactive frequently, you’ve come to the right place. You struggle with feeling good about yourself. You have a lot going for you, but you don’t see it, or you don’t think it counts. You want people around you to like you and value you, but you seem to have difficulties feeling like you deserve it or knowing how to actually get it. I will help you feel good about yourself and have more effective skills to achieve what you are looking for in your interpersonal relationships. When you are in therapy, I will help you identify your blocks, work with you on overcoming these blocks, and set you on a course that’s truly yours.

I use my experience of 15 years in high tech career, raising children, and re-establishing a new career in psychotherapy to help you find your way with compassion and understanding of the reality of living and working in Silicon Valley. I practice helping clients find their solution while honoring their own cultural values. In addition to English, I also speak fluent Mandarin Chinese.

I work with both individuals and couples to increase ease and satisfactions in their lives.

I am a Level 2 trained PACT therapist (Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), Certified in EMDR and trained in Hakomi. All three of these therapeutic approaches are based on the knowledge that in order to make fundamental changes, we need to work mindfully to reorganize our neurological systems. Depending on individual needs and issues being addressed, I also assist clients in locating their inner and external resources and increase functioning by developing social-emotional skills including emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-care, and mindfulness. I am an Iyengar trained yoga teacher and have experience teaching to the general population and special-needs school age children.

A little more about me:

More than 10 years ago, I went on a path of self-discovery and, at some point, became a psychotherapist, leaving my career and lifestyle. I grew up in a world of expectations, and I bought into it as a formula to be a good person. Looking from the outside, you could say I was doing well. I was well-respected in my high-tech career, I had gathered the accoutrements of a successful young adult, such as academic pedigree, home ownership, cute little kids, and a busy social life. On the surface, things seemed fine, but I felt lost, discontent, and was often numb and toxic to myself and people around me. It was like my soul had become lost, as I lived in a way that was designed by someone else. I got into some self-help and a lot psychotherapy. Through the process of psychotherapy, I was endlessly amazed by the sense of joy in rediscovering myself and learning to love myself. Part of the journey was jagged and painful, but I came through it with so much more clarity about who I am and how to have effective interpersonal relationships. It’s like a fog has been lifted, and I am not struggling through the deep mud of self-judgements and unable to understand others and how I play a role with people.

When I am not at work, you can find me shuttling my kids around their activities, while imparting my unbiased wisdom to them in a serious or often irreverent way, having fun on the trail, whether skiing or mountain biking, or experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen.

I offer free 20 minutes phone consultation to help you determine if I might be able to help you.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to email yeh.wendy@gmail.com me or leave me a voicemail at 650.397.1376.

My name is Wendy Yeh. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (License #86966) with an office in Los Gatos, California. Conveniently located near San Jose.

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